Concrete Pump Wear Parts: have you checked yours recently?

Pro Tips | February 13, 2020


Ask a Line Pump Mechanic

Redwood Empire Concrete Pumping Equipment is a busy line pump repair shop based out of Northern California. We service and repair hundreds of concrete line pumps every year. Most of our business comes from wear part replacement. Surprisingly ninety percent of everything we do in our shop is mitigating damage caused by worn out wear parts that our customers neglected to change on time.  When you don’t stick to your service schedule it will cost you.

Here is something we see every day. John Doe brings us a pump and tells us that he noticed some cream in the water box, and it isn’t pumping as smoothly as it used to. We check out the pump, and notice that the mud cups are wearing out and it’s time for replacement. A simple mud cup service costs a few hundred dollars if that is all we are replacing. But if John decides to pass on the recommended service and instead takes it out for a few more jobs we are probably going to be replacing the material cylinders AND the mud cups and who knows what else. The price tag literally just quadrupled.

When is your next scheduled maintenance?

Mud cups tend to be the first part that will need replacing on your pump. Maybe you might call a mud cup something different like “ram flanges”, or “piston cups”. This part is one of the most critical parts on your concrete pump. It’s literally the Achilles heel of your machine. Without a healthy mud cup, you are on the fast track to failure.

Regular service is what makes you or breaks you in this industry. Keeping your equipment in tip top working order ensures that you will have a pump that won’t fail you when it matters most. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Healthy wear parts play a critical role in how much downtime you will experience throughout the lifetime of your pump. All pumps on the market today have wear parts that need to be changed regularly. Depending on the machine you choose to work with will determine the types of wear parts that need to be replaced and the frequency.

Put your pump first.

You really have to ask yourself. Are those few extra jobs really worth it? Maybe you are saying to yourself “The mud cups are shot, but your best customer has you booked this week”. Trust us, choose the wear parts. Call a fellow pumper to cover your job while your money maker is in the shop. The cost of repairing a damaged material cylinder and your mud cups plus labor will cost you a lot more than you are going to make on those jobs.

The moral of the story here is that familiarizing yourself with your pumps maintenance schedule and choosing to put your pump first will always be the right choice. Do yourself a favor and call your local mechanic and schedule a routine service.

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