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All Your Pumping Questions Answered

What kind of oil does my pump take?

Depends on the motor. If it is a diesel engine, we recommend Heavy duty 15-40W.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does my pump use?

All pumps are different. Please call us directly for this answer.

How often do I need to change my engine fluids?

Engine oil, fuel filters, oil filter, and air filters should be changed every 200 hours or sooner. For engine coolant, call us for details.

How often do I need to change the hydraulic fluid on my pump?

Every 1000 hours or once per year, whichever comes first. (As long as your hydraulic system is not contaminated in any way. If it is contaminated, it will need to be replaced immediately.)

How do I start my new SCHWING line pump?

Check out our video on how to start a SCHWING line pump.

How often do I need to replace the wear parts on my pump?

*DISCLAIMER: every pump is different. These numbers are based on a pump that has been serviced on time, has not missed any fluid changes or oil changes, and is regularly greased. Also note that how you run your pump and what you are running through your pump could affect all of these numbers. Please call us directly for more specifics as these are just general guidelines.

On a cutting ring for a SCHWING 500 or bigger, every 600 hours roughly. Wear plates on a 500 or bigger, usually you go two cutting rings to one wear plate roughly every 1200 hours. Mud cups on a 500 or larger, roughly 600 hours. As soon as you see evidence of cement crème in the water box, it is time to change immediately.

The SP 305 Mud cups, every 200 hours or, if you start to see cement crème, in the water replace immediately. The cutting rings need to be changed every 400 hours roughly, and the wear plate every 800 hours roughly.

There are many variables here. These are just some rough guidelines. Please call us directly for more specific directions.

What are the main wear parts on a SCHWING?

Mud cups, cutting rings, wear plates, mirror plate ,etc. Call for more information.

Do you offer financing?

We personally do not offer financing; however, we have been working closely with Matthew Woodfield of H.I.L financial since 2004 for all of our financing needs. Matthew specializes in line pump financing. Call us today and we will happily get you in touch with him.

Where do I drop off my pump for service?

Call us to make an appointment. Our address is 1372 Los Alamos Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95409. We are open 8-5 Monday to Friday, and we are closed on the weekends and on all major holidays.

Do you take all major credit cards?

Yes, we do but, if you use an American Express card, we will assess a convenience fee.

Can I pay for my new pump with cash?

Yes, you can.

Will I receive a discount for paying for my pump with all cash?

No, you will not.

Can I pay for my new pump using a personal check?

No, we do not accept personal checks. We will only accept a cashier’s check.

Do you deliver?

We do offer a delivery service, but the pricing varies. Give us a call today.

I am not from the Western States. Can I still buy a new SCHWING pump from you?

We are the authorized SCHWING SP dealer for many of the Western States. We cannot sell new SCHWING pumps to individuals outside of our service area; however, we can sell you genuine SCHWING parts and concrete pumping accessories. We offer same day shipping.

If we cannot sell you a new SCHWING line pump, we know where to direct you. Give us a call.

I have a used pump I want to sell. Can I list it with you?

Absolutely, you can. We have so much traffic through our yard that used pumps always go quickly and, often times, we don’t even get a chance to list them online.

You have a used pump for sale, but I live out of state. Can I still buy it?

Yes, even if you are not in the Western States, we can sell a used pump to anyone in the nation. We just can’t sell you a new SCHWING line pump if you are not in our service area. We can also offer financing on used equipment through Matthew with H.I.L Financial.

I bought a used pump from you, do you deliver?

We can deliver on a case by case basis. If we can’t deliver, we have companies that can.

Do you work on boom pumps?

Call us directly at 1-800-585-1206 to discuss your options.

When is the cutoff for same day shipping?

We need to receive your order by 2pm PST.

Do you do warranty service on my SCHWING?

Yes, we are a full SCHWING service station. We are authorized to take care of all your warranty needs.

Do you handle CAT warranty claims?

No, we do not. Please call CAT directly.

Is there a warranty on my new pump?

Yes. There is a one your comprehensive SCHWING warranty on your new pump.


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